CSCs join forces to offer a training program in Geosciences for high school students


May 31, 2012 - Princess Anne, MD


GeosciencesThe four NOAA Cooperative Science Centers – the Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center, Center for Atmospheric Science, Environmental Cooperative Science Center, Center for Remote Sensing Science and Technology – have established a six-week summer training program for high school seniors in the Geosciences, specifically marine biology, geology and chemistry, remote sensing, physical oceanography, atmospheric science and geographic information systems. Most participants will enter Bachelors degree programs at partner institutions within the Cooperative Science Centers. The program will accept its first cohort of students in July 2012.

Students will be residents on the UMES campus during the program and will be trained through rigorous laboratory and field exercises alongside faculty and graduate student mentors, as well as workshops, seminars, and coursework in mathematics. Because of its prevalent use in the geosciences, participants will receive training in GIS technology. Students will also learn basic ‘survival’ skills for adjusting to college life such as crisis and stress management, study skills, time management, and conflict resolution.

Though the thrust of the program is educational, time will be taken for team building activities such as canoeing as well as field trips to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science Horn Point Laboratory, Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology, NOAA Satellite Division and National Weather Service. During these trips, students will hear from professional scientists about potential career paths and meet current graduate students conducting research in the program’s focus areas.

The Network of NOAA Cooperative Science Centers & High Schools for Training High School Students in the Geosciences is supported by a grant from NOAA Educational Partnership Program, and the National Science Foundation. For more on the program, click here.

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