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Allowable HBGI Activities

    • Purchase, rental or lease of scientific or laboratory equipment for educational purposes, including instructional and research purposes;
    • Construction, maintenance, renovation, and improvement in classroom library, laboratory, and other instructional facilities, including purchase or rental of telecommunications technology equipment or services;
    • Purchase of library books, periodicals, technical and other scientific journals, microfilm, microfiche, and other educational materials, including telecommunications program materials;
    • Scholarships, fellowships, and other financial assistance for needy graduate and professional students to permit the enrollment of the students in and completion of the doctoral degree in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, law, and the doctorate degree in the physical or natural sciences, engineering, mathematics, or other scientific disciplines in which African Americans are underrepresented;
    • Establishing or improving a development office to strengthen or improve contributions from alumni and the private sector;
    • Establishing or maintaining an institutional endowment under 34 CFR part 628 to facilitate financial independence; and
    • Funds and administrative management, and the acquisition of equipment, including software, for use in strengthening funds management and management information systems.