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    The following documents are waiver and off-campus trip request forms for your use. Please feel free to click on the following links to download/print the PDF and WORD versions of each. Please contact the Student Affairs office if you have any questions.

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         Completed Package - Trip Request, Roster & Waiver (file type: pdf) 

    Student Election Review Committee (SERC)

    The Elections Commission 

    The Elections Commission is an independent group that oversees the undergraduate Student Government Elections process. The Commission is responsible for holding and monitoring elections for Student Government positions, Student Body Referendums, and other student organizations requesting the supervision of the Election Commission. The Commission is responsible for oversight: publicizing the elections, creating candidates' election packets, coordinating all meetings regarding the election's process, and managing all designated polling sites. In addition, the Commission investigates all alleged election code violations and irregularities. The election's calendar is determined by the Student Government Constitution. Elections are held in the spring during the month of April each year. 

    The Composition and Duties of the Election Commission 

         A. The Election Commission shall consist of 5 persons � 3 faculty/staff members 
              and 2 students. 

         B. The chairperson shall be appointed by the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs. 

         C. The chairperson shall vote only in case of a tie. 

         D. The student members shall be the sitting senior class president, and an SGA 
              presidential appointee. 

         E.  No student running for an office (SGA president, SGA vice president, class presidents, 
              vice presidents, or Mr./Ms. UMES) shall serve on the Elections Review Commission 
              during the election. If any vacancies occur, the SGA president shall fill the position 
              with a senator(s). 

         F. No member of the Election Commission or any election official shall campaign for any 
             candidate during any such election that he/she helps conduct. 

         G. Faculty/staff members shall be appointed by the Associate Vice President for 
              Student Affairs. 

         H. The responsibility and authority of the Elections Commission shall be to: 

              1. Conduct and supervise the election of officers for the Student Government Association; 

              2. Control all activities related to the election; 

              3. Establish rules for election publicity; 

              4. Make known the qualifications for candidacy as well as duties pertaining to the office 
                  which the candidate is seeking; 

              5. Establish deadlines for filing and the submission for applications and related materials 
                  by candidates; 

              6. Publicize the date, time and place(s) of voting; 

              7. Secure and identify designated polling (voting) place(s) and volunteers to assist 
                  with voting; 

              8. Secure a list of persons eligible to vote; 

              9. Verify the academic qualifications of candidates; 

              10. Monitor the voting process and certify the election results; 

              11. Make known all information concerning the election of the SGA officers at a 
                    formal Student Body meeting; 

              12. Ensure that campaign regulations are adhered to and enforce appropriate 
                    disciplinary sanctions, including disqualification if violations occur, and 

              13. Patrol campaign areas to enforce the Election Regulations. 

         I. Campaign Regulations

              1. The campaign period as scheduled by the Election Commission shall be from the time 
                  of the written verification/announcement until the closing of the polls on Election Day. 

              2. Candidates may hang posters and distribute literature on campus until Election Day. 

              3. On ELECTION DAY, all posters and/or literature must be removed from the floor of or 
                  the immediate vicinity of the designated polling site(s) before 8:00 a.m. All other 
                  materials may remain on display until the day after the election; however, candidates 
                  are responsible for removing and disposing of all hung or posted campaign material 
                  within twenty-four (24) hours of polls closing.

        J. Campaign Procedures 

              1. No person(s) outside of the student body shall be allowed to campaign for any 

              2. All campaign materials (flyers, posters, pictures, buttons, etc.) must be approved by 
                  the Office of Student Activities before they are distributed, hung or posted. 

              3. All campaign literature distributed posted and/or hung without an appropriate approval 
                  will be promptly removed and discarded. 

              4. All campaign materials, including speeches, must be free of slanderous and 
                  libelous contest, and any use of profane and/or obscene language or symbols is 
                  strictly prohibited. 

              5. There shall be ABSOLUTELY NO CAMPAIGNING ON THE FLOOR, OR IN THE 
                  (This includes the distribution of campaign literature and/or vocalized 
                  expressions of support). 

              6. In the event of a tie, a run-off election will be held between those tied. The Elections
                  Review Commission will decide the time and date.

        K. Election Officials 

              1. An election official shall be present at each designated polling place throughout the 
                  official election time period. The election official shall be defined as any person on the 
                  Election Commission or appointed by the Chairperson; however, no election official 
                  shall be a candidate for office or have campaigned for any candidate appearing 
                  on the ballot in the election that he or she helps conduct. 

              2. The election official(s) shall be any person on the Election Commission or appointed by 
                  the Commissioner to enforce these regulations and the Student Government 
                  Constitution. The election official shall be responsible for operating the polling 
                  designated place and approving the ballots. 

              3. Should a situation arise in which a polling place would be left without an election official,
                  the Election Commissioner is empowered to close that polling place with the approval 
                  of the Student Government Advisor, until such time as an election official can be 
                  obtained for that polling place.

         L. Violations 

              1. Any alleged campaign violation(s) or irregularity must be submitted, in writing, to the
                  Elections Commission within twenty-four (24) hours of said violations(s). 

              2. The Election Commission will then hold hearings, when deemed necessary, within 
                  forty-eight (48) hours of receipt of the letter indicating the alleged violations(s) or
                  irregularity, and the decision will be rendered within that same 48-hour period. 

              3. The decision of the Elections Commission is final.