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MyFarm Program

  • MyFarm classes covering all aspects of farm risk management, are free and open to the public!

    Learning Opportunities:

    The MyFaRM program is an incredible opportunity for Lower Eastern Shore farmers to get comprehensive information and assistance in developing risk management plans that cover the unique needs of their individual farms and help them better manage the risks that come with farming in today’s world.

    The classes cover financial risk, legal risk, production risk, marketing risk and the risks associated with employing farmworkers.


    Expert Trainers:

    MyFaRM instructors include experienced educators from the University of Maryland Extension, Maryland’s Agriculture Law Education Initiative, University of Maryland Eastern Shore Extension, Virginia State University, the Maryland Agricultural & Resource-Based Industry Corporation (MARBIDCO), MidAtlantic Farm Credit and other industry experts. Farmers with experience in diversifying their farms and developing niche markets for their products will also present.


    Upcoming Classes:

    Nothing currently scheduled


    For more information, contact:

    Nicole Cook, environmental and agricultural faculty legal specialist, UMES Extension, at or 410-651-6182.

    Berran Rogers, small farm program coordinator, UMES Extension, at or 410-651-6693.

  • USDA's Heirs Property Relending Program Webinar

    Nicole Cook, UMES Extension's Agriculture Law and Education Initiative (ALEI) faculty legal specialist, hosts subject matter experts who give an overview of the USDA Heirs Property Relending Program and associated legal matters.

    HPRP Training Powerpoint

    UMES Extension offers MyFarm Program