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Mission Statements

  • Rehabilitation Services and Rehabilitation Psychology, B.S.

    The mission of the undergraduate programs in the Rehabilitation Department is to prepare students for entry-level employment in a variety of human services and rehabilitation-related settings, especially those serving individuals with physical, emotional, and developmental disabilities. These programs are also designed to prepare its graduates to enter master's level programs in Rehabilitation, Psychology, Physical Therapy, related Allied Health fields, and Human Services. 

    Rehabilitation Counseling, M.S.

    The Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling (MSRC) is a graduate degree program offered through the Department of Rehabilitation in the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.  Rehabilitation Counseling is a thriving professional field, graduates of our program can look forward to employment opportunities in both the public and private sector.  Graduates will find numerous opportunities for employment in Rehabilitation and a growing number of Human services and allied health settings.       

    The Mission

    The mission of the Master of Science program in Rehabilitation Counseling is to train well qualified Rehabilitation Counselors who are prepared to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds with physical, developmental, psycho-social, and sensory disabilities. A second part of that mission , which is no less important, is to assist our graduates to develop an inclusive and holistic approach to rehabilitation which values the individuals' right to fully participate in the decision making process regarding their development.  This approach takes into consideration how all the components of that person's life, (including vocational, psycho-social, spiritual, cultural, and emotional components) may impact their lifestyle and overall quality of life.  

    The Goal

    The goal of the MSRC program is to prepare Rehabilitation Professionals to effectively assist individuals with disabilities to achieve their highest degree of vocational, psychological, economic and social independence and the greatest quality of life possible.  It is essential to our process that students are grounded in the belief that their central role as rehabilitation professionals will be to serve as advocates for individuals with disabilities.  As advocates for individuals with disabilities they must recognize and support the reality that rehabilitation is a holistic process which includes addressing the physical, psychological, familial, social, vocational, cultural and spiritual components which influence their lives.

    Ms. Lankford

    To successfully pursue our mission and goal, it is the objective of the MSRC faculty to expose students to the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to become highly competent rehabilitation practitioners.  The curriculum is designed to introduce students to state of the art knowledge and procedures which carefully integrate theory with substantial experiential components. 

    The Master of Science degree in Rehabilitation Counseling does address the critical and compelling need for trained rehabilitation professionals in the state of Maryland, the mid-Atlantic region and the nation.  The graduate program will not only produce needed professionals in rehabilitation but will also offset the continuing education needs of regional rehabilitation, human services and allied health personnel. 

    (Revised:  November 25, 2008)

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