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  • School of Health Professions Department of Rehabilitation

Diversity Statement

  • The Department of Rehabilitation in the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions, as an educational entity, values and respects the uniqueness of its student body, faculty, employees, and constituents. We are firmly grounded in the belief that cultural and individual diversity enhances the academic nature of our programs.

    The concept of diversity is one of the core values of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and it is reflected in the policies which we value, creating an educational environment that leverages the diverse characteristics of our faculty, students, and employees, resulting in continuous growth and development for the University.

    The Department of Rehabilitation is committed to diversity and the richness of human differences which can include but is not limited to physical characteristics, age, socio-economic background, gender, nationality, ethnicity, race, religion/spirituality, education, language, and sexual orientation. Our students are provided with the opportunity to develop and integrate multicultural awareness and competencies throughout the curriculum and field placements. Our commitment to assuring our diversity necessitates our focus on access as the right to enter, make use of, and participate in the educational enterprise as well as the need to recruit, retain, develop and support diverse individuals and groups.

    We strive to ensure that our students and faculty respect, understand and embrace all dimension of culture and diversity.

  • Department of Rehabilitation
    University of Maryland Eastern Shore