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Traffic Regulations

    1. University Police Officers, University Security Officers and University Student Security Officers enforce campus parking regulations. University Police Officers are also authorized to issue Maryland Traffic summons for moving violations and Safety Equipment Repair Orders. 

    2. Traffic laws as provided under Maryland Transportation Article shall apply on University property. 

    3. The maximum speed limit for exterior campus roads is 25 mph. The maximum speed limit for interior campus roads is 15 mph. Maryland State Highway Administration may post other speed limits. Law prohibits exceeding the speed limit or otherwise operating a vehicle in a reckless manner. 

    4. Motor vehicle accidents occurring on University property must be reported to the University Police Department. University Police will investigate and file reports for personal injury accidents and those involving government vehicles. 

    5. Any motor vehicle parked in violation or abandoned on UMES campus is subject to removal and impoundment at the expense of the owner. 

    6. A parking space is defined by two parallel lines. Parking in an area outside of two parallel lines is prohibited at all times. Vehicles must be parked in one space only. Operators must leave clear access to adjacent spaces and may not block or impede driving lanes. Parking on “hash marks” or other marking denoting unauthorized parking locations is prohibited. Parking in any area posted as no parking is prohibited. 

    7. Servicemen and delivery personnel are allowed 15 minutes for loading and unloading, however, University Police must be notified and permission obtained. Emergency flasher parking lights must be activated. 

    8. Vehicles exiting from parking lot lanes must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians and vehicular traffic on roadways unless directed to do otherwise by an officer on traffic duty. 

    9. Pedestrians which include those in wheelchairs, have the right-of-way at all times. Drivers should be extremely cautious of pedestrians in areas contiguous to buildings and areas that must be crossed to reach parking areas. 

    10. Pedestrians must use sidewalks, crosswalks, and walkways. Walking on lawns and other planted areas is prohibited.