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Towing and Wheel Boot Policy

    1. Any University Police Officer may order the towing or immobilization of vehicles in violation of the following parking regulations:

      • Failure to respond to six (6) parking citations or if the violator continues to violate the regulations contained herein after paying or not paying the initial six tickets.
      • Unauthorized parking in a HANDICAPPED space.
      • Unauthorized parking in a FIRE LANE
      • Unauthorized parking in a RESERVED space
      • Unauthorized parking in traveled portion of roadway
      • Unauthorized parking in No Parking/Tow Zone/Restricted Areas
      • Vehicle abandonment on UMES Property
      • Vehicles not legally parked or a public safety hazard
      • Failure to move an illegally parked vehicle upon the order of a police officer or security officer. 

    2. The cost to the owner/driver of a booted vehicle will be $45.00 plus all parking fines and late fees. The person has up to 3 business days to pay all parking fines and late fees plus the booting fine. After 3 business days, if the owner/driver has not contacted the University Police Department or made arrangements for release of the boot, the vehicle will be towed with additional towing and storage fees. Once the tow company has been notified all towing expenses/payment arrangements must be made with the tow operator.

    3. Any person(s) who attempts to remove or tamper with an immobilization locking device (wheel boot) on a vehicle after being installed; the vehicle will be towed and impounded at the owner/driver's expense.

    4. Any person(s) who tampers with or damages an Immobilizer (wheel boot) will be held responsible for any and all damages to university property and charged judicially and/or criminal code under the University Judicial system.

    5. The "Immobilizer" (wheel boot) replacement cost is $500.00 regardless of the extent of damages.

    6. Persons wishing to secure the release of a vehicle that has been booted or impounded should first report to the University Police Department between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and no later than 3:00 p.m.

    7. Once the fines have been paid, the Police Communications Operator (PCO) will have an officer remove the boot. If your vehicle was towed, the PCO will issue the person a Stored Vehicle Release Authorization Certificate, which the person will present to the towing company. The towing company will at that point release the vehicle after collecting their tow and storage fees.

    8. No vehicle impounded pursuant to this order shall be released until all fines and late fees have been paid.

      1. Towing fees and storage are established by the towing vendor. Current maximum fees are $175.00 for towing and $50.00 per day for storage.

      2. UMES is not liable for any damage resulting to any vehicle requiring immobilization booting or tow removal.