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Parking Violation Summons and Sanctions

    1. Parking summons must be paid within 15 calendar days from the date issued. Fines not paid within 15 calendar days will incur an additional $10.00 late fee. To pay a parking fine, please report to University Police Department between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and no later than 3:00 pm. Failure to pay parking violations will result in “Flagging of Vehicle Registration”. 

    2. Flagging of vehicle registration will result in your state vehicle registration renewal being withheld for failure to pay fines for violations. Outstanding citations must be paid in full at the UMES Police Department before a vehicle flag release will be issued. Vehicle release forms (VR-119) must be picked up in person at the UMES Police department for presentation to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration.

    3. Unpaid fines and penalties will be posted to the student account for student violators. The fees will be added to the student’s respective university account 30 days after non-payment or 30 days after failure to appear for a requested trial date.

    4. If you wish to contest a parking ticket and request a trial, please follow the instructions found on the reverse side of a parking summons. The District Court of Maryland will notify you of a trial date, time and location.

    5. Continued violations of Parking Regulations may result in termination of all campus parking privileges.

    6. Any University Police Officer, Security Officer or Student Security Officers can issue parking summons for the following violations or as found in Maryland Statute: 
    Failure to register vehicle/display permit $30.00
    Improper display of parking permit $10.00
    Parking in NO PARKING AREA (Posted) $25.00
    Parking in RESERVED Area (Posted) $30.00
    Parking in FIRE LANE $40.00
    Parking in HANDICAPPED Parking Space $60.00
    Parking in a Non-Designated space $15.00
    Parking as to obstruct more than one parking space $15.00
    Added Penalty Fee if payment is not made within 15 calendar days from date parking violation was issued. $10.00