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Display and Use of Parking Permits

    1. Students whose parents are faculty and staff members are not entitled to use the parking permit issued to their parents. Students using a faculty/staff parking permit may be subject to a citation, fines, and/or university sanctions. 

    2. UMES honors valid parking decals from all University System of Maryland Institutions. (ex. - Salisbury Univ.) 

    3. No parking permit of any kind may be altered or reproduced. Altering or reproducing a parking permit may result in a citation, criminal charges and/or university sanctions. 

    4. All lost or stolen permits become the responsibility of the owner/operator. A report should be filed with the Department of Public Safety and a new permit must be purchased at expense of the owner/operator.

    5. Displaying a lost or stolen parking permit may result in criminal charges and/or university sanctions. (Including towing of the vehicle displaying the lost or stolen permit.) 

    6. Permit must be fully affixed to windshield so that it cannot be removed and all prior year decals must be removed. 
    7. If the originally issued parking permit is lost or stolen , it must be reported immediately to the University Police prior to being able to purchase a replacement. The replacement fee is the same amount as the original fee. 

    8. If there is any circumstance in which a registered vehicle is sold or replaced due to an accident, the driver must remove the permit (even if it is in pieces ) and take it to the Parking Service Office along with a copy of the police report or the new vehicle registration card ( temporary or permanent) within 10 business days. Failure to do this will result in the need to purchase a replacement permit.  University Police reserves the right to determine if a damaged permit is replaceable.