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Beatus Student Award page

  • Joseph Beatus Student Award

    for Exellence in Patient-Centered Care

    Dr. Beatus


    This award is given in honor of Joseph Beatus, PT, PhD. Dr. Beatus was an Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. He was an integral part of the program for 30 years, and retired in 2013. The criteria for selection attempts to embody the treatment approach and style demonstrated by Dr. Beatus, who made a lasting impression on his students. For three decades, his philosophy of providing high-quality, effective, patient-centered care has been instilled in all of his students.


    2014: Christy McLellan
    2015: Alex Georgiou 
    2016: Alexa Yancey
    2017: Trevor Hirsch
    2018: Laura Kaufman and Rachel Whitely
    2019: Kristina Hseih

    2020: Allyson Dover

    2021: Abigail Sauber

    2021: Conor Walsh


    3rd year UMES Doctor of Physical Therapy Students who exemplify or demonstrate the characteristics of excellence in patient-centered care


    The student chosen exemplifies or demonstrates the following characteristics of excellence in patient-centered care:

    • Strives to provide high-quality, effective, patient-centered care.
    • Strives to determine the patient's personal goals, needs, and values and incorporates these into the physical plan of care.
    • Strives to establish a relationship with the patient that has a positive impact on the outcome of the patient's plan of care.
    • Strives to consider the cost effectiveness of patient care, as well as, patient satisfaction.
    • Strives to provide creative, holistic, hands-on patient care. 

     If there is a student that you would like to acknowledge and who is deserving of this award, please CLICK HERE to submit your nomination. 

    Thank You!

  • Department of Physical Therapy
    University of Maryland Eastern Shore