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Talk radio has a new voice (from UMES)

  • Friday, April 11, 2014

    By Jasmin Dixon

    PRINCESS ANNE, MD- (April 11, 2014) - "Laughter is the best way to communicate," says Dr. Kathryn Barrett- Gaines as she shares some of her insight on life with me.

    Kathryn Barrett-Gaines is the host of 1-hour radio talk showEveryone has a story and her radio talk show "Gaines on Gains" is the perfect platform to share it.

    Airing at noon on WCEM AM in Cambridge, Md., every Tuesday, Barrett-Gaines hosts a stimulating one-hour segment featuring a special guest.

    UMES students and faculty know her as the radiant, charismatic director of African-American studies, personality traits that made her an instantly popular guest on WCEM's Dr. Kay Show. The station's program director offered Barrett-Gaines her own program on the spot.

    "I said YES, because I always say yes. That's the secret to a great life," laughs Gaines about her decision. "Next thing you know, I've got my own show."

    Barrett-Gaines is no newcomer to the entertainment business. In Uganda, she has been a radio co-host, featured in movies and on television. She also does stand-up comedy and even performed for amateur night on Showtime at the Apollo - without getting booed.

    She chose a play on words, "Gaines on Gains," as her show's title because it touches on topics about how listeners can better themselves.  Each week, everyday people become stars of the show.

    "I like ordinary people who don't know they are interesting," she explains.  Barrett-Gaines believes she has mastered the art of what she likes to call an "organic interview," making her guest feel comfortable and open to sharing countless laughs.

    Her guests have included an acquaintance who wrote a book about her experiences as a waitress, Mark Borghesani, an international lawyer who has practiced in Russia, and earlier this week, "the brilliant and hilarious Rashad James (UMES 2010)" in an eclectic conversation that touched on Pope Gregory, tennis, Harriet Ross Tubman and "Rashad's roots and routes."

    Just like her passion for teaching, Barrett-Gaines embraces the thrill of hosting a radio show. From researching her guests to asking the right questions, her aim is to bring out the fascinating in everyone.

     "Radio is the greatest medium ever, she says. "People just love to have company in their house with them or their car and they really just like to hear interesting and funny stuff."

    Current and former students will tell you that Barrett-Gaines has remarkable communication skills in the classroom. Now, strangers can hear her commentary, sense of humor and insightful advice right from their own speakers, wherever they might be.

    Jasmin Dixon is a senior marketing major at UMES