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‘Read the book of my life …’

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    Tuesday, November 10, 2020

    Who says college students tune out politics and current events? 

    Undergraduate women at UMES give the lie to that notion.  Say two words, one name - Kamala Harris - and listen to their reaction. 

    Semaj Fielding: “As a young, black woman, the election of Sen. Kamala Harris reinforces my belief I can do anything I put my mind to.  For so many years, black women have been seen as the backbone of our country, but haven't received the true support we deserve and require.  Now that Senator Harris has been elected (vice president), I believe our generation is recognizing the strength black women possess, and it encourages me they will be there to support me (in) my future endeavors. 

    “As a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., I am overjoyed the first female vice president is a member of my illustrious sorority.  (It) exemplifies excellence and this is another example of how we do so.  For generations of Alpha women to come, they will be encouraged to know one of our own members served as the first black, female vice president of the United States of America.” 

    Brianna Palmore: "It was great to finally see not only a woman - but a black woman - become the next vice president of the United States. Our generation has witnessed too many black lives being taken away. Seeing Kamala Harris elected into office will give our generation motivation to reach new heights and excel as a community." 

    Rakyiah Chambers: “Being … this was the first year I could get into politics, it was nice to witness a woman running in this year's election.  I was amazed how it all played out. Kamala Harris can assist Joe Biden as his vice president and I hope they can undo any damage our last president caused.

    “For Kamala to become our new vice president-elect in such unprecedented times, shows other young ladies and me that women are just as unstoppable as men.  We are just as elite, we can do anything we put our minds to.” 

    Ciani Wells: “It is phenomenal Sen. Kamala Harris has been elected as the next vice president of the United States.  This historic happening has undeniably given hope and pride to women, especially those of color. Not only are women empowered by her win, but HBCU students everywhere are also invigorated and more proud than ever of the education they have obtained from their historically black colleges and universities. 

    “Her election has sparked hope in people across the globe and has shown those who previously felt like the underdogs that it is possible to break barriers and make history, also known as HERstory!” 

    Leah Swindler: “I was in awe.  I really appreciated and was encouraged seeing a woman of color take on that challenge It couldn't have been easy. The reaction of the audience was phenomenal. Her walk-up music (“Work That” by Mary J. Blige) sent a powerful message. 

    “It's going to be a great change for this country.  The first impact you have with the nation is through the first speech.  I thought hers was spectacular. 

    Nylah Myers: “She's doing a lot for the black community.  I'm sure a lot of people will look down on her, but she's got to be herself - be a leader.  She's a strong person.  She can do it.” 

    Tiarra Williams: “I'm glad she's shown that if you work hard, you can accomplish what once seemed to be impossible.  It shows other black women that we can aspire to do anything. Before (the election) it really wasn't the case.  I'm excited to see what she'll be able to accomplish.”

    Sarah Adewumi: "I was so ecstatic to hear about Sen. Kamala Harris' historic election to be the next vice president; through this trailblazing moment, I believe every Black girl, every Asian girl, every Indian girl, can know their power, and understand how awesome it is. This election has shown every young aspiring woman, like me, that it IS possible to have not only a seat at the table, but be at the HEAD of the table; and I guarantee more Black women will continue to show up and show out in politics for years to come.  For student leaders, especially at HBCUs, this election has put fire in our spirits to serve, at some point, in our local communities after graduation."