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Student Handbook

The Doctoral Program in Organizational Leadership has produced a handbook to lay out the basic requirements of the program. This way students and potential students can find in one place a resource that provides information on all key areas of the program, from the orientation into the program through completion of the dissertation and graduation. Click this link to download the Student Handbook in PDF format. If you have questions, please contact the Program Coordinator or the Program Administrative Assistant (contact information for each can be found on the Contact page).


Keep an eye here for upcoming events!


Keep an eye here for upcoming events!


Our alumna Dr. Jacqueline Stone has just published a study "Association of Health Professional Leadership Behaviors on Health Promotion Practice Beliefs" at the prestigious Disability and Health Journal. Drs. Attoh and Gong are among the coauthors. Congratulations to Dr. Stone!  

 Congratulations to our fresh doctorates, Dr. Deborah Hixson and Dr. Kantrice Rose. Wish them a successful career!

 The ORLD program now has two presences in the virtual world - our Facebook page and our program blog. Check them out and join in the dialogue!

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