• Dr. Meng Xia
    Associate Professor

    Address: University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Carver Hall, Dept. of Natural Sciences, Princess Anne, MD, 21853
    Curriculum Vitae

    North Carolina State University, Ph.D. 2007 (Physical Oceanography)
    First Institute of Oceanography, SOA, China, M.S. 2002 (Physical Oceanography)
    Ocean University of Qingdao, B.S. 1999 (Physical Oceanography)

    Positions Held
    Associate Professor (with Tenure), Assistant Professor, University of Maryland Eastern Shore 2011-Present
    Research Investigator, University of Michigan, School of Natural Resources and Environments,
                                      Cooperative Institute of Limnology and Ecosystems Research,  2008-2011
    Water Resource Scientist, Dynamics Solution LLC, Knoxville, TN, 2007-2008
    Postdoctoral Research Associate, North Carolina State University, 2007-2007

    Major Research Interests
    Dr. Xia’s research interests focus on improving and understanding estuarine and coastal dynamics with the help of measurement data and numerical modeling including:
              • River Plume and Estuary Dynamics
              • Ecological, Biogeochemistry and Larval Transport Process, TMDL modeling
              • Nearshore Wave-Current Dynamics and Sediment Transport Process
              • River Watershed modeling

    Recent Grants  
    Geophysical surveys of the continental shelf offshore Ocean City, Maryland, 7.5K, 2015-2016, Coastal Planning & Engineering, INC. PI: Meng Xia.

    Student Internship Program at Assateague Island National Seashore, 37K, 2014-2017, NPS.  PI(D)s: Joseph Pitula, Meng Xia.

    Development of a model to predict short-term impacts of climate change on Delmarva's coastal, wetland and upland forests, 330K, 2013-2016, National Inst. for Food and Agriculture. PI(D)s: Moses Kairo, Eric May, Meng Xia, Tracie Bishop.

    The Geophysical Survey at the Maryland Coastal Ocean, 125K, 2013-2015, Maryland Energy Administration. PI: Meng Xia. 

    The effect of climate change to the coastal bay dynamics, 9K, 2013-2014, Maryland Sea Grant. PI: Meng Xia.

    Impact of wave on the dynamics of a coastal plume, 200K, 2012- 2014, NSF. PI: Meng Xia.

    A linkage development for EFDC and RCA, 5K, 2013, Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences. PI: Meng Xia.

    Biophysical model to forecast yellow perch recruitment success in Lake Erie, 200K, 2011-13, Great Lakes Fishery Commission. PIs: Meng Xia (UMES); Kevin Pangle (Co-lead, University of Central Michigan) and Stu Ludsin (OSU); Ed Rutherford and Doran Mason (NOAA GLERL); Michael Wiley (UM SNRE).

    Develop Forecasting Predictive Models Improving Coastal and Human Health and Beach, Forecasting, 835K, 2010-2011, NOAA. PIs: David Schwab, Gary Fahnenstiel and Juli Dyble Bressie (NOAA GLERL); Allen Burton, Tom Johengen, Meng Xia and David Rockwell (UM CILER).

    The building of Chesapeake Community Model, 200K, 2007-2009, University of Maryland. PIs: Leonard J. Pietrafesa, Machuan Peng, Shaowu Bao, Meng Xia, Huiqing Liu (NCSU).

    Coastal, Inland Flood Observation and Warning, 40K, 2007-2008, NOAA NSSL. PIs: Leonard J. Pietrafesa, Meng Xia, Machuan Peng, Shaowu Bao (NCSU).

    Wave-current Interaction and its influence to the ecosystem at the Grand Haven River and adjacent Lake Region, 20K, 2009-2010, NOAA. PIs: Meng Xia, Dimitry Beletsky (UM SNRE), David Schwab (NOAA GLERL).

    Selected Publications

    (*Represents the Graduate Student of Dr. Xia)

    Kang, X*, & Xia, M. (2017). Dynamics of water and salt exchange in Maryland Coastal Bays. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Sciences (Accepted with minor revision)

    Mao, M.*, & Xia, M. (2017). Dynamics of wave-current-surge interactions in Lake Michigan: a model comparison, Ocean Modeling doi:

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    Current Graduate Students at UMES/MEES
       (a) Qianru Niu (2012 - present)
       (b) Long Jiang (2012 - present)
       (c) Zhendong Cao (2012-present)
       (d) Katlyn Lecorchick (2013 - present)
       (e) Miaohua Mao (2013 - present)
       (f) Xinyi Kang (2013 - present)

    Synergistic Activities
    Manuscript Reviewer for Geophysical Research Letter, Journal of Geophysical Research-Ocean, Estuaries and Coasts, Water Resources Research, Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Sciences, Coastal Lagoon (Book), Estuarine and Coastal Modeling, Environmental Management, Marine Geodesy, International Journal of Geosciences, Monitoring and Modeling the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill (Book), Environmental Modeling and Software, Journal of Coastal Research, Environmental Sciences and Technology

    Proposal Reviewer for the Louisiana Board of Regents, NOAA Great Lakes Observing System