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Honors Council

  • An Honors Council comprised of faculty representatives from each department of undergraduate studies was created at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore in October 2013. Per the revised Bylaws ratified in January 2016, Council's now nine (9) voting members meet monthly throughout the academic year to provide direction of the university honors and departmental honors curricula, developing, modifying, and approving honors courses campus-wide.

    We are very grateful for the following members of the AY 2016-2017 Honors Council:


    Councilor      Department / School Email
    Dr. Maurice Crawford Natural Sciences / SANS mkcrawford@umes.edu
    Mr. Bradley Hudson Fine Arts / SESA bphudson@umes.edu
    Dr. Malik Malik Mathematics & Computer Science / SBT mbmalik@umes.edu
    Dr. Lurline Marsh Agriculture, Food & Resource Sciences; SANS lemarsh@umes.edu
    Dr. Miguel Martin-Caraballo Pharmacy / SPHP mmartin@umes.edu
    Dr. Miriam Purnell Pharmacy / SPHP mcpurnell@umes.edu
    Dr. Terry Smith English & Modern Languages / SESA tsmith@umes.edu
    Dr. Margarita Treuth Kinesiology / SPHP mstreuth@umes.edu
    Dr. Weiwei Zhu Mathematics & Computer Science wzhu@umes.edu
    Dr. Michael E. Lane Director, Richard A. Henson Honors Program melane@umes.edu
    Ms. Stephanie Hallowell Honors Senior, Recording Secretary smhallowell@umes.edu