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Honors Advisory Board

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    An advisory board comprised of faculty, staff, administrators, and students from campus divisions that most closely touch honors education was created at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore in September 2013. These important advocates generously volunteer their service and expertise to provide direction and advice in developing and enhancing the honors experience.

    We are very grateful for the following Members of the Henson Honors Program Advisory Board:

    Dr. Sarah Acquah Center for International Education
    Dr. Ellis Beteck Library Services
    Mr. Jonathan Blackmon Pharmacy & Health Sciences
    Dr. Véronique Diriker Development
    Ms. Qiana Drummond Campus Life
     Dr. David Johnson Arts & Professions
     Mr. James Kellam Financial Aid
     Dr. Lombuso Khoza Agriculture & Natural Sciences
     Dr. Angela Williams Center for Access & Academic Success
     Dr. Stanley Nyirenda Institutional Research, Planning & Assessment
     Dr. Theresa Queenan Career Services
     Dr. Katherine Quinn Business & Technology
    Ms. Ayanna Tilghman Residence Life
     Ms. Chenita Reddick Advancement Services
     Mr. Bill Robinson Public Relations
    Ms. Emily Tull      President, Honors Student Association
     Mr. Tyrone Young Admissions & Recruitment