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Virtual Courses

  • What are Virtual Courses?

    They are all self-paced, six-module online courses offered by Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), Inc.

    Free only to Faculty/Staff and Students of UMES

    Individuals eligible to take these courses need to have a valid school email address. To take these courses, please request an access code using the “Online Information request form”. Non-UMES personnel please visit ESRI’s Virtual Campus website.

    • How do I get more information ?
    • How many courses can I take?
      • There are 14 free online courses and many courses by paying nominal fee. All faculty/Staff and Students get 40% discount.

    • What courses are offered free ?
      • The courses available through our site license are:
        • ArcGIS and Extensions
          Creating, Editing, and Managing Geodatabases
          Creating and Editing Geodatabases Topology (for ArcEditor and ArcInfo)
          Creating, Editing, and Managing Geodatabases for ArcGIS 8.2
          Learning ArcGIS I (for ArcView 8, ArcEditor 8, and ArcInfo 8)
          Learning ArcGIS II: Presenting Information (for ArcView 8, ArcEditor 8 and ArcInfo 8)
          Learning ArcGIS 3D Analyst
          Learning ArcGIS Spatial Analyst
          Working with Raster in ArcGIS.
        • ArcView GIS and Extension
          Introduction to ArcView 3.x
          Introduction to ArcView 3D Analyst
          Introduction to ArcView Spatial Analyst
          Introduction to ArcView Network Analyst
          Working with ArcView Image Analysis.
        • ArcI
          Customizing ArcIMS 4.0
          Learning ArcIMS 4.0
          Learning ArcIMS 3.1.
        • ArcInfo and Extension
          Introduction to ArcInfo using ArcTools
          What's New in ArcInfo 8 (7.x to 8.0.1 or 8.0.2)
        • Programming
          Programming with Avenue
          Introduction to Visual Basic for ESRI Software

        There are some Free modules available on the ESRI Virtual Campus Website.

        • ArcGIS and Extensions
          Migrating from ArcView 3.x to ArcView 8
          What's New in ArcGIS 8.3
        • Training Seminars
          Exploring the VBA Environment

    Where do I get more information?

    Contact: Tracie J.Earl
    GIS Lab Coordinator
    Plant Science Building
    Phone No.(410)-651- 6383