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    Hours of Operation

    Monday through Friday, 8.30 a.m. to 4.30p.m. 

    Please fill out the Printing request form 

    Lamination available!!!

    Price Listing: The following is a list of the current prices and paper types that are available in the GeoTech Lab. Prices will vary if a job requires design, special paper etc., The prices listed are per square foot of poster. For example, a standard 3 ft x 4ft poster would be 12 sq ft.  Multiple 12 times the list price for the total price of the poster.


    • Glossy Paper is widely used for making presentation-quality posters.
    • Regular paper is used for all purposes
    • Lamination* adds a protective coating
    Prices of Paper/Sq. Ft
    Paper Type Price
    Glossy paper $3.50 per sq ft
    Regular Paper $2.00 per sq ft
    Standard Lamination* $2.25 per linear foot
    Laminate to Foam Core Call for price and availability

    The following shows the unit price of the products and their description

    Unit Price of Products

    Product Description Unit Price
    36 X 48 in Glossy Poster $42.00
    36 X 24 in Glossy Poster $21.00
    36 X 56 in Glossy Poster $49.00
    42 X 48 in Glossy Poster $49.00
    36 X 48 in Coated Poster $24.00
    Project Consulting per hour $30.00
    Graphics Work per hour $30.00
    Lamination Setup Fee $10.00



    Submission Information:

    • Maximum paper size for poster made in Microsoft PowerPoint is 42x56 inches. 
    • Please fill out the Printing Request form and either fax it (410-651-7946) or email to 
    • Please submit original file in either Microsoft PowerPoint or Publisher on a CD, DVD, Flash Drive, or if it is less than 10mb, email to 

    Turn-Around Time:

    • Please note that the turn-around time depends upon the size of the job.
    • Usually turn-around time is 5 business days.

    Rush Job:

    • A job is considered rush if the requested turn around time is less than 5 business days. i.e., If submitted on Monday of this week and required on Friday of the same week it is a rush job.
    • The fee for Rush Jobs is 25% of the cost of the job.  Therefore if the regular price was $40, the rush job price would be $50.
    • If a rush job is needed, please call the GeoTech Lab (6383) in advance and check for availability.

    Paper Available:

    • Glossy 36 in and 42 inch
    • Regular 36 in and 42 inch
    • Laminate


    • Lamination is now available only for posters of size 36 inches wide or smaller (one side must be 36 inches or smaller).
    • Lamination must be arranged at least 1 week ahead of time, please call and check for available times.
    • We are not responsible for damages to the poster during the lamination process.  If damage occurs and a new poster is needed, the customers are responsible for paying for the reprint of the poster.