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Campus Courses

  • AGNR 483

    Principles of Geographic Information Systems — 3 cr. Applicability and use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as a science; students will become competent with ArcView ©, a GIS software package from Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), Inc.; learn the basics of data management, data accuracy, spatial analysis, and data presentation.

    AGRI 499

    Special Topics in Agriculture — 3 cr. Study/research with faculty on prearranged topic. Permission of instructor.

    AGNR 488A/688A MEES 688G (cross listed)

    Advanced Technologies in Agriculture and Environmental Science - 3 cr. How Geographic Information Systems, Global Positioning Systems, Remote Sensing, Agricultural Science, Environmental Science, and Engineering all work together to improve production.

    Click here for a list of reference materials available to students for loan.

    Where do I get more information?

    Contact: Tracie J. Bishop*
    GIS Program Manager
    GeoTech Lab, Crop & Aquaculture Bldg
    410-651-6383 (office)

    *name change from Tracie J. Earl