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1890 Library Deans/Directors
Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan approved 1890 Council of Presidents and Chancellors
June 1999


The mission of the 1890 Library Directors' Association is:

  • To be primary centers for learning and intellectual activity in support of the information needs of the 1890 Land-Grant system in the areas of teaching, research, extension, and international programs through workable and beneficial partnerships and collaborations.
  • To provide leadership and serve as a catalyst for change in the development and use of information technologies.


  • To become recognized by the 1890 Land-Grant system as a critical component in furthering the advancement of teaching, research, extension and international program delivery.
  • To increase and strengthen research collections.
  • To establish an electronic infrastructure for linking 1890 library systems to enhance resource sharing capabilities.
  • To be the global information window through which the 1890 colleges and universities can build greater cultural cooperation.


  • We value the legacy of the 1890 Land-Grant institutions and strive to continue that legacy by providing excellent service to students, faculty, researchers and a diverse community of users.
  • We believe that through partnerships and collaborations, the success of improving library programs will be effectively enhanced.
  • We recognize and appreciate the uniqueness and commonalities of each association member and their respective institutions.


To strengthen the financial and human resources and assets of the 1890 libraries.

  To identify increase funding opportunities from internal and external sources (public and private).

  To publish and disseminate annual reports of libraries' accomplishments and assets.

  To develop grantsmanship programs at 1890 Libraries targeting local, state, federal and institution    funding sources.

  To establish and implement collaborative staff development training programs.


To develop a strategic marketing plan to bring greater awareness to the changing role of librarians and libraries.

  To assess marketing strengths and weaknesses of 1890 Libraries.

  To identify the changing roles of librarians and libraries.

  To development and implement a strategic marketing plan throughout the 1890 Library system.


To strengthen the electronic information and technology infrastructure and link 1890 Library systems.

  To assess current capabilities of 1890 Libraries.

  To identify emerging needs of 1890 Libraries.

  To secure necessary funding possibilities to address needs and enhance capabilities.

  To develop and implement an electronic information and technology infrastructure plan to link 1890 libraries.


To strengthen and expand research collections.

  To assess 1890 Libraries research collection needs.

  To develop a resource sharing plan between and among 1890 Libraries.

  To secure necessary funding opportunities to strengthen and expand research collections.


To establish a centralized archives for the preservation of historical records of the 1890 Libraries.

  To develop and Archival plan for the records of 1890 Libraries and other 1890 Associations.

  To collect, organize and process all 1890 Association Archival records to be housed at a centralized location.

  To promote the use of archival records throughout the 1890 land-grant system.

  To secure funding for preservation and maintenance of archives.

Second Morrill Act Colleges and Universities


Lincoln University


Alcorn State University


South Carolina State University


University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff


Alabama A&M University


Prairie View A&M University


Southern University A&M College


Tuskegee University


Virginia State University


Kentucky State University


University of Maryland Eastern Shore


Florida A&M University


North Carolina A&T State University


West Virginia State College


Fort Valley State University


Langston University


Tennessee State University

Progress Through Teaching, Research and Extension


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