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English Proficiency Examination (EPE)


    • Students must register for the EPE, ENGL 001, concurrently with ENGL 102:  Basic Composition II.  They must first have a C or above or an S in ENGL 101.  
    • Transfer students with credit for ENGL 101 and ENGL 102 should register for the EPE, ENGL 001, the first semester at UMES.  It is very important for students to fulfill this requirement as early as possible in their college careers.
    • ENGL 001, the EPE, is a prerequisite for ENGL 203, ENGL 305, and ENGL 310.
    • All students registered for the EPE are in a Blackboard class, where the information below and additional information is available. 
    • Click here for the EPE Handout Spring 2020.  It is also valid for Spring 2021.  
    • Post-ENGL 102 Students
    • If you want to take ENGL 203 this semester, please email a completed "add" form to Dr. Dean Cooledge, Chair of the Department of English and Modern Languages, at  If you prefer to deliver it in person, his office is in Wilson 2103.  You can find the "add" form on the Registrar's site at this URL:
    • If you want to take ENGL 305 or 310 this semester, you must take and pass the EPE during the first week of this semester: before drop/add ends.  I am offering it face-to-face in the Writing Center by appointment. Please email me, Dr. Terry Kundell, for an appointment:  If you pass, I will inform Dr. Cooledge, and then you may submit an "add" form to him following the instructions above.  Remember to remain registered for the EPE this semester, so I can record your grade officially in HawkWeb at the end of the semester.  
    • The EPE is a face-to-face exam, and all Spring 2021 EPE exams will be given f2f in Waters Computer Lab.  With the exception of ENGL 102 face-to-face classes, which follow the exam schedule, post-ENGL 102 and online ENGL 102 students will take the EPE on Saturday, May 8: I will offer it at various times throughout the day.
    • If you have further questions, please email me!  

    Last updated:  1/21/2021 by Terry Kundell, Coordinator of the EPE (