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Transfer Students

  • A student who has attended any accredited institution of higher education will be considered as a transfer student.  For admissions purposes, students who have completed 23 or fewer credits are also required to submit an official high school transcript and meet the minimum freshman admission requirement. 

    A student seeking to move from one campus of the University system to another must have been a regular degree-seeking student eligible to return to his original campus. A student must be in good judicial standing in order to be considered for admission to the University.

    Transferring Credits

    Are you transferring from a community college in Maryland?  Visit ARTSYS, The Articulation System to see how your credits will transfer to UMES.

    Direct Transfer and Articulation Agreements*

    UMES fully ascribes to the Maryland State Board for Higher Education Articulation Agreement. UMES has direct transfer agreements with all Maryland community colleges as well. Direct transfer allows automatic admission and transfer of all college level credits of a "C" or better, not to exceed 70 credits.

    To see a list of institutions and programs with whom UMES has articulation agreements, click here.

    Transfer with an A.A. Degree

    Students who have earned an A.A. degree from a Maryland community college automatically have their General Education Requirements at UMES satisfied, except in instances where the student does not meet the minimum number of semester hours at the University level. However, the student will not be required to take more than 10-16 additional semester hours of general education. It is recommended that all students in their sophomore year at a Maryland community college complete their associate degrees before transferring to UMES so that there is no loss of credit applicable to their baccalaureate degrees. Credit from community colleges is transferred as lower division level (100-200) credits.

    Transfer from Colleges and Universities

    UMES does not limit the number of credits transferable for work completed at four year colleges; however, in order to graduate, a student must complete 30 semester credit hours at UMES. See the

    Application Deadline for Transfer Students:

    Fall- priority Fall Spring
    April 15 June 1 December 1