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Access Procedures and Report Requests

  • Access to Hawkweb

    Faculty and Staff

    After the Human Resources Department receives and processes the designated employee Contract/Hire Letter, an email with the request for the Emplid along with the employee’s first and last name should be sent to Aprille Byrd (  Once the Emplid is received, submit a Helpdesk Ticket for a New Account located on the portal at Upon receipt of the employee’s UMES email, submit another Helpdesk ticket for HawkWeb.  You will need to include the employee’s UMES email address, DOB, and type of access. A team member will grant access and a notification will be sent via the ticket. 

    Student Access

    Using the provided student ID, students will create their account on the following web page:

    Report and Program Requests

    Report requests are something our department receives and completes on a daily basis. If you need a report/program that is not already delivered in the HAWKWeb system a formal request can be made via email to the Director, LaChanda Snead (