University of Maryland Eastern Shore The 125th Anniversary
125th Anniversary
"Celebrating the Journey: The 125th Anniversary of UMES" 1886-2011

Watchful Eyes

May we be a tad presumptuous
for focusing on an oculus?
Let us not be ambiguous;
just look up from your syllabus.©

Since the 1940s, students who have strolled the University of Maryland Eastern Shore’s historic Academic Oval have done so under the watchful eyes of oculi.

Also known as “oeil-de-bouef” – French for bull’s eye – an oculus is a small, circular window frequently incorporated into the design of Colonial Revival-style buildings such as those on the UMES campus.

The majestic pillars on Colonial Revival buildings, which can be simple or ornate, get the most notice. But just above their porticos, you just might find these curious accoutrements staring back at you.

Here are four distinctly different oculi on The Oval. Can you identify them?

 Murphy Hall  Somerset Hall
 Trigg Hall  Wilson Hall

Place your cursor over each picture to learn the answers.

Just for fun, here are two more …

 Carver Hall  Harford Hall


 © - 2011

"Celebrating the Journey: The 125th Anniversary of the
University of Maryland Eastern Shore" 1886-2011