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1890 Land Grant and Tuskegee University
Library Directors




Blanche Sanders, Chair
Lauren Sapp, Treasurer
Shelia Stuckey, Secretary
Yildiz Binkley, Member-at-Large
Annie Payton, Member-at-Large

Standing Committees

Constitution and Bylaws

Legislative Liasion

  • Clarence Toomer, Chair
  • Doris Mitchell, Co-Chair
  • Emma Perry
  • Patty Shafer
  • Elsie Weatherington
  • Annie Payton
  • Annie Payton, Chair
  • Shelia Bailey, Co-Chair
  • Betty Black
  • Elsie Weatherington
  • Peggy Blake (NAL)

Publicity *Strategic Planning

Archives Budget 

  • Betty Black, Chair
  • Shelia Stuckey, Chair
  • Adrienne Webber, Co-Chair
  • open(CSREES)
  • Yildiz Binkley
  • Gertrude Jackson
  • Juanita Roberts
  • Elsie Weatherington
  • Lauren Sapp
  • Shelia Bailey
  • Juanita Roberts, Chair
  • Lauren Sapp
  • Clarence Toomer
  • Blanche Sanders
  • Yildiz Binkley
  • Delaware State University



Honors/Awards/Resolution Grants

Information Technology Registration/Hospitality 

Scholarship Committee 

  • Mary Smalls, Chair
  • Karen C. McDaniel, Co-Chair
  • Juanita Roberts
  • Evelyn Frangacus (NAL)
  • Emma Perry
  • Carolyn Taylor
  • Helen Yeh
  • Elizabeth Wilson


  • Yildiz Binkley, Chair
  • Lauren Sapp, Co-Chair
  • Juanita Roberts, Co-Chair
  • Peggy Blake (NAL)
  • Rebecca Batson (DSU)
  • Lillie Davis (CSREES)
  • Waltrene Canada
  • Gertrude Jackson
  • Eric Speas (Alcorn)
  • Vicki Watkins (Lincoln)
  • Karen C. McDaniel, Chair
  • Lauren Sapp




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